Measuring up for our latest animation


With TV ads, as a rule, the duration is dictated by the media spend. Which – unless you’re showing at the Superbowl or sprinkling some John Lewis Christmas TV magic, falls in 30 seconds (well, 29 ‘ x frames to be nerdy).

But with explainer/ promo animations we get to decide the duration. Everything can be a director’s cut. We just have to be disciplined enough, as creatives and clients, to keep any auteur aspirations in check.

So when we were asked by Clarity Travel Management to create an animation for Trade shows and to play in reception HQ we had a long think about how long the film should be.

And it’s longer than you think…

While no sane person will stand motionless in front of a stand’s moving image from start to finish at a trade show, they may loiter around long enough (bagging freebies etc.) to pick up several key messages.

And staring at a short loop animation in a reception area can send you a bit loopy.
So we reckoned we could push the (perfect pop song) three minute mark. Just as long as we didn’t get into concept album territory.

Which worked out at… 4:30 minutes.

Enough to dip in and out of, as you circle a trade show expo stand. And enough to keep you mildly distracted as you nurse your Nespresso in reception.

Grab a coffee. And have a gander.

So we reckoned our animation deserved to be more than the duration of a pop song but, obviously (sweet mercy) had to be shorter than a full-length feature.

Which worked out at… 4:30 minutes.

Enough to dip in and out of, as you circle an expo stand. And fulfilling enough, as you empty your cup of Nespresso in reception.

So we did this.

Grab a coffee. And have a gander.

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