Reimagining Digital Payments

Positioning, prospectus and film for start-up, ImageNPay

Strategy | Content | Design | Film | Animation

Start-up, ImageNPay are set to transform digital payments for consumers, brands and banks.

The powerful technology platform enables users to pay for goods and services, via their mobile wallet, using bespoke images; personalising payments and creating new opportunities for brand loyalty and customer profiling.

ImageNPay technology will also enable shoppers to take a picture of a product and purchase it in a single, seamless transfer.

A Stand-out Presentation

Although ImageNpay have a unique product, they are constantly competing with other tech start-ups for the attention of future investors and commercial partners.

This means proposals have to be both concise and compelling; explaining the proposition, product and opportunity in the most effective, efficient way possible.

We worked with ImageNPay’s founders to discover and define the top-line features and benefits of their product. Taking cues from the start-up’s visual identity we then created a design-rich proposal/ presenter as first-point collateral for potential investors and partners, and for the ImageNPay team to use in live pitches and presentations.

Moving Image (NPay)

To show ImageNPay in context, and give prospective investors an even shorter (more effortless) product introduction, we created a bespoke animation. The film showed the prospective app in action on a smartphone.

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