Creating a worldwide following

Brand and creative for, the peer-to-peer money-transfer service, are revolutionising the way people exchange currency overseas: bypassing excessive banking fees and getting better exchange rates. With such a great product, it wasn’t long before CurrencyFair had an established customer base throughout Europe and Australia. However, with more peer-to-peer exchange groups coming to market, CurrencyFair need to bolster brand loyalty.

Row-A are working with CurrencyFair to take their brand to the next level, and grow their customer base into a loyal following who don’t just recognise the commercial benefit, but identify with the company’s core values and vision of fairer financial services for all.

A shared spirit

People rarely have a personal connection with financial brands; they’re seen as a utility service rather than a trusted ally. But we discovered that CurrencyFair have a genuine common connection with their expat customers – a pioneering, go-getting spirit, a refusal to make do and accept the status quo, and a willingness to go out there and do something new.

We wanted to celebrate this spirit and the people who are prepared to go the extra mile (or extra few thousand miles).

International Superstars

The International Superstars brand campaign highlights and champions the personal stories of expats who, as part of their go-getting make-up, have sought themselves a better, fairer transfer rate.

As well as featuring selected superstar stories, customers are invited to nominate and tag their own CF Superstars, creating new campaign heroes across social media channels.

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