ROW-A Presentation

Presentation design created and crafted by awarding-winning brand experts

Our strategists, storytellers, designers and animators transform your presentations into captivating, compelling content to engage, energise, move and motivate your audience. Here are some of the presentation services we cover:

Sales reports and finance presentations

Sales reports and finance presentations aren’t pretty. But with data visualisation and animation we can make your spreadsheets shine. If you’d like to see how we can make your numbers less mind numbing, and a lot more meaningful, get in touch.

Marketing presentations

Marketing is about connecting with your audience and presenting a compelling proposition. Presentation slides need the same focus and creative flair as the best marketing campaigns. We use our award-winning strategic know-how and creative skills to help you bring your marketing presentations to life, so they live long in the memory of your audience.

Pitch decks and bids

To effectively land your proposition, your pitch presentation needs to be on point; razor sharp to communicate your vision and cut through the competition.

Our pitch teams can help you create clear, compelling core slides and bespoke pitch responses that will make a meaningful connection with your audience – and make them an offer they can’t refuse.

Conferences and events

This is your organisations’ time to shine. So, don’t waste the opportunity with a dull presentation. We can compose and design PowerPoint slides that will help your keynote scale new heights, visualise data to make the driest financial reports easy to digest and create animated stings and strategic theming to keep your captive audience captivated and on message.

Product and brand presentations

We’ve picked up a few international awards for creating and developing brands. But even the best new brand or product can be let down by a badly executed launch. So, we take care of that too, creating slides, films and animations that take your audience on an immersive journey – from your product/brand positioning to the big reveal.

How it works

What’s the story?

We get together and get to know you; your brand, your business, your backstory. Then we look at the project you want to present, identify your key messages and how you want your audience to think, feel and act. Our storytellers will then get to work, breaking down the beats and creating a narrative arc, before scripting and storyboarding the proposed presentation.

How do we tell it?

That depends. Some clients simply need us to punch-up their existing PowerPoint decks, other presentation projects may call for more bespoke design and/or different delivery methods. These are some of the vehicles we use:

  • PowerPoint
  • Video Animation
  • Interactive PDFs
  • Infographics
  • Data visualisation
  • Talking heads film

See what ROW-A Presentation can do for your organisation

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