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Bringing Situ Live’s brand, and unique proposition, to life.

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Four years in the planning, Situ-Live set about to reimagine retail; combining the unique qualities of interacting with products in-store, with making informed purchasing choices online.

With the technology in place, leading brands on board and a flagship location at Westfield, London secured, Situ-Live worked with Row-A to bring their brand, and unique proposition, to life.

Life in colour

Situ-Live’s initial B2B branding had been built around one-note blue; a B2B standard (right?), but one that offered a solid foundation to develop the B2C brand.

Anchoring a unique offer, with the familiar.

Westfield footfall is fast. There’s limited time to give customers a sense of what’s in store, in this case, the latest innovation and technology products. So, building on the B2B blue we developed colourways familiar with tech retail, for instant resonance with brand savvy shoppers.

Give us a wave

Situ-live is more than a retail destination, it’s a dynamic, constantly evolving, shopper experience. Visitors are guided through connected home and lifestyle ‘theatres’, while product stories are brought to life by the performance teams.

The Situ-Live Wave reflects the store’s distinctive energy, the evolving, ever-changing latest products. It also serves as a mise-en-scene device, connecting theatres and encouraging footfall into a promenade audience flow.

Logomark (‘s the spot)

Every product at Situ-Life tells a literal story. And any good story is worth further investigation. The logo-mark incorporates the Situ-Live ‘i’, echoing an information logo, inviting visitors to find out more – from in-store teams or online.

Bringing Situ-Live to life

Inspiring your every day

Situ-Live is about products in action. Where visitors can discover how the latest innovations can help them to lead their best life. The brand line moves the retail offer from transactional (you cannot purchase products in-store) to experiential. And tech products from aspirational, to inspirational.

Products in situ

In line with SituLive’s experiential focus, product display areas were reimagined and reposited as lifestyle showrooms; with branded, named areas centred around real-world personal benefits.

Real life imagery

In line with Situ-Live’s ‘products in action’ philosophy, imagery focuses on real-life application, interaction, and emotional connections.

Lights. Camera. (call to) Action.

Visitors cannot physically purchase from the Situ-Live store. Instead, they are encouraged to scan QR codes and build their own on-line wish-list.

A simple, succinct, three step call-to-action was created, that could sit easily on all product displays and P.O.S, to embed the unique shopper mechanic.

Prompt to Play

With the in-store focus on experiential, rather than transactional, we reframed the traditional retail ‘path to purchase’ customer touchpoints with ‘prompts to play’; messaging in showroom theatres and around displays, encouraging visitors to engage with any product.

The Situ-live experience online

In tandem with in-store brand delivery, we worked with Situ-Live’s development teams to create an online user experience, with content and creative direction, to deliver a seamless lifestyle/retail online environment.

Hit the ground running

As a new brand and retail proposition, rapidly generating followers and footfall was key. A tandem social media and local OOH launch campaign built around an on-going big-ticket prize was created, generating an instant following, and creating a buzz around Westfield, driving visitors to the store.

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