Time to Shine

Brighter Events brand and website is put centre stage

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Waiting in the wings

Following a rebrand that saw Clarity cement their place as a top ten UK Travel Company, the group’s MICE division experienced similar success, expanding year on year and collecting a series of national and international awards.

It was time for the Clarity events team to take centre stage, with its own standalone brand: Brighter Events

Stepping out from the shadows

Working with stakeholders, we wanted to develop a simple, single-minded proposition that went beyond a passive brand promise. Instead, creating an active, collective call-to-arms.

Blazing the trail

Developing our proposition for organisations to raise their event game – and Brighter Events to deliver – the brighter ‘B’ device/CTA was created to run through all headline comms.

Shining examples

The bold brand look and feel takes its cues from stage lighting filters; underpinning the ‘don’t do dull’ proposition, and creating a distinctive visual analogy of how Brighter transform the environment, energy, and emotion of any event.

Flick the switch

The homepage features a dynamic switch: taking the user from a dry, dull, everyman events agency to Brighter Events.


A dedicated rolling content channel provides a platform for the team to showcase latest work, insights and become a beacon of light within the industry.

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