Active Patients

Information, insight and inspiration to help patients lead fulfilling active lives

Website | Social Media | Animation | Film

Row-A recently created Active Patients, a new online community – supported by life sciences, medical technology and pharma organisations – to encourage patients to take an active role in their treatment and recovery.

Including guides, patient stories and Q&As and interviews with surgeons, the website and community aims to break down barriers, encouraging patients to actively engage with their healthcare teams.

Patient focused website

Website designed and written with the patient in mind, a jargon free, lifestyle format featuring regular new content.

Membership sign-up

Community membership, to invite contributions and keep patents up to date with newsletters featuring content relevant to their patient journey.

Patient stories

Articles and films featuring patients’ and their stories, together with their surgeons.

HCP features and interviews

Q&As, features and film interviews with leading surgeons.

Animated Guides

Series of simple animated guides.

Social media promotions and community engagement

On-going social media dialogue with patients and patient groups.

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