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Heart Valve Voice is a patient led charity, raising awareness of heart valve disease in the UK – a disease that predominantly affects people over 65.

If left untreated, the condition can be fatal. However, a simple stethoscope check-up can reveal if a patient is at risk. They can then receive treatment and go on to lead full, active lives.

Heart Vale Voice initially approached Row-A to help refocus and define their core messaging and brand definition. This resulted in a new proposition, built around the charity’s key objective of promoting stethoscope checks, with a view to influencing healthcare policy.

Attracting new supporters for the campaign

Heart Valve Voice wanted a way to engage with, and educate, local communities. Not just those over 65, but multi-generation families, so children and grandchildren could encourage older friends and relatives to visit their GP for stethoscope check-ups.

This meant connecting with communities on their home turf, away from health centres and public sector spaces. Where visitors were in a positive, receptive frame of mind, where people bonded and we could reach out across generations – to children, parents and grandparents.

So we teamed up with Everton FC in the community, for the final game of the season against Norwich City, and invited fans (young and old) to record their heartbeats for a special Everton FC soundtrack.

This gave fans a unique way to be part of Everton’s club archives (one of the largest in English football) and enabled us to spread the ‘more we listen, the more lives we save’ message.

Pre-match build-up

We dovetailed into Everton in the Community’s existing PR, creating a dedicated social media campaign to promote the event and put the call out for fans to add their heartbeat to a new club soundtrack.

Team Kit

In the pre-match build up Heart Valve Voice Teams assembled at Goodson Park, with electronic stethoscopes and recording equipment at the ready. Event collateral included, event banners, promo T-shirts and a bespoke co-branded fact sheet.

Live coverage

As fans donated their heartbeats, we broadcast the event in real-time across social media. Throughout the day our film crew recorded the action, including interviews and talking heads from Heart Valve Voice stakeholders.

Match Highlights

Following the event, photomontage and film from the day was shared across social media.


3000 + views of social media content – pre, during and post event

4000 fact sheets distributed to fans

83 fan heartbeats recorded

300 + new pledges of support for Heart Valve Voice’s campaign

40 minutes with local MP Steve Rotherham.

We arranged for local MP Steve Rotherham to visit the HVV team. Steve took time out from his busy schedule to discuss future health care policy initiatives with Heart Valve Voice CEO, Wil Woan.

And the final result: Everton 3 – 0 Norwich. A great end to the season. Though we can’t really take any credit for that.

A new signing

Following the event, Everton FC invited Heart Valve Voice to become a permanent part of their super-community team.

More fixtures

Promotional packages and films from the Everton Community Day helped Heart Valve Voice connect with other Premier League football clubs, Premiership rugby clubs and county cricket clubs, keen to roll-out similar events.

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