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Rebrand for Landsail Tyres

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One in twenty-five tyres sold in the UK is a Landsail. But in order to avoid a price driven race to the bottom with budget tyre manufacturers, they needed to switch lanes. We were asked to get under the hood of Landsail and re-engineer their brand.

Reinventing the wheel

World leading industry 4.0 manufacturing processes – known as the fourth industrial revolution – enables Landsail to produce premium quality tyres at a near budget price point.

So, rather than lead on tyre performance – a well-worn territory – we steered Landsail in a new direction, aligning the brand with smart technology and innovation. This paved the way for us to go beyond simply talking about tyres. We could now tell dealers and customers about the technology behind the product, giving them a reason to believe in their superior quality – and reason to pay a little more (for a lot more tyre) over a budget brand.

The Roll-out

Row-A produced a suite of brand collateral, from P.O.S to presentation motion graphics, as well as (on-going) B2B and B2C marketing material that has helped Landsail outmanoeuvre the competition.

Now Landsail resellers have a clear, convincing proposition to persuade customers to invest more in their tyres.

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