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Partner content marketing for SAP Concur

Content marketing campaign: eBook | Infographics | social media | email marketing

With the COVID-19 pandemic freezing all trade events, SAP Concur and their resale partners lost a valuable marketing channel. Added to this, many businesses were also freezing budgets, as well as restructuring and re-evaluating their processes.

SAP Concur wanted to find a way to re-frame their offer and enable partners to re-engage with prospects, in the absence of trade events.

Joined-up working

Following a series of partner consultations, we created an inbound marketing campaign that re-positioned cloud-based expense and payment management as a key component in the new way of working:

  • Connecting people and processes in their new remote (home) working environments
  • Streaming and reducing administration overheads
  • Maximising reclaim opportunities
  • Ensuring the safety and wellbeing of business travellers with ever-changing quarantine restrictions

A templated toolkit enabled SAP Concur partners to co-brand a Joined-Up Working eBook and suite of supporting marketing materials.

  • eBook
  • Infographics
  • Social media banners
  • Web banners
  • Email marketing templates

Toolkit guide

A toolkit guide on campaign usage – customisation and deployment – was distributed to partners.


A lead-gen eBook pdf, positioning SAP Concur platforms and partner propositions for new ways of working.

Templated pages enabled partner co-branding, boiler plates and CTA.


Sector specific key-points designed into infographics for simple social media shares.

Social Content

A series of co-branded social media promotional banners.

Web banners

Co-branded web banners for partner websites.

Email marketing

A suite of headers for bespoke partner email marketing campaigns.

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