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Rebrand and brand merger, creating a new top ten Travel Management Company

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Our journey began when we rebranded Co-operative Travel Management, to Clarity.

The worked picked up gold and silver at the European Transform awards, and propelled the revitalised travel management company from a £20M to a £200M business in just two years.

The new brand’s success was attracting a lot of attention; and it wasn’t long before Clarity found a suitor: one of the most respected, established Travel Management Company’s in Europe – Portman Travel.

We had the honour – and rather huge challenge – of bringing the two together, combining the best of both brand worlds – reinvigorating the old and galvanising the new.

16 takeaways, 680 surveys, 972.9 miles, 184 conversations & 52 cakes

A four-month discovery phase included: Desk research that went deep into the night, preparing a brand and business case for how the two companies should come together. Surveys and online engagement with every colleague, in both organisations. Focus groups, workshops and good honest chats with colleagues, customers, suppliers and industry experts.

Collective vision

Elements from both Portman and Clarity legacy identities combined, to create a new brand identity; designed and delivered throughout every touch-point.

We have lift-off

We created tie-in event identity ‘Further Together’, launching the new brand ‘live’ to over 800 delegates.

Launch event films

Row-A produced a suite of event films featuring colleagues from across the organisation.

A new top ten UK Travel Management brand goes live

In a three month time-frame we designed and delivered a complete suite of new brand assets and collateral, including brochures, interiors, website, clients portals and apps. All activated live, in a single day.

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