Planes, Trains and Marginal Gains

Content campaign adds up to £4.4 Million new leads for Clarity Travel

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Following a merger with Portman Travel, and subsequent rebrand, Clarity were catapulted into the top-ten UK Travel Management Companies (TMCs); an elite club with a combined turnover of more than £2Billion.

With a new marketing team in place, Clarity wanted to build upon its top-tier status, connect with larger, multi-national, prospects and establish itself as an industry thought leader – whilst maintaining the brand’s distinctive, disruptive tone of voice.

After a period of research, we identified a disconnect between the perceived cost of business travel and the savings and productivity gains that can be achieved through a well-managed travel programme.

So, working with Clarity’s marketing, sales and executive board, we designed and delivered a six-month campaign highlighting how incremental improvements throughout the travel chain can deliver significant results: ‘Trains, Planes and Marginal Gains’.

Reporting from over 200 industry experts

As Clarity’s first high profile campaign, the message required a little extra weight to punch through, and establish the group as industry thought leaders.

We commissioned a leading business intelligence unit to survey and connect with over 200 procurement professionals, business travellers and industry experts to get their views on the value of optimised business travel.

This formed the spine of a branded, graphic-rich report – and the hub of the campaign – ‘Trains, Planes and Marginal Gains – how a brighter approach to business travel can boost your bottom line.”

Moving pictures

To support the report’s launch, an animation outlined the PTMG concept and key-findings.

The film was subsequently used throughout the campaign at event/exhibitions and as part of sales collateral.

Sharing the knowledge

A suite of teaser animations and stills promoted the report across social media channels.

Informed opinion

Taking key findings from the report, a series of info-graphics was released across social media channels and as part of on-going email campaigns.

Planes and Trains across the line

The campaign also ran in trade press as adverts and advertorial content.

Showing off

The campaign culminated as the centrepiece and content lead at the business travel show.

Row-A designed the event stand (best in show) incorporating PTMG key messages and animations, while the Clarity team delivered a series of talks and meetings around the report.

Marginal gains, major results

Within a four-month activation period, the PTMG campaign directly delivered over 200 new sales leads. The leads have converted into £4.4M of potential new contracts.

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