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Driving the ‘duty of care’ debate with Cabfind, the UK’s largest managed taxi provider.

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Cost and efficiency are a key component of corporate travel policies. However, an organisation’s most valuable asset is its people – both employees and customers.

While companies offer diligent duty of care through managed air and rail services, taxi provision is often neglected, with travellers booking taxis independently using unvetted suppliers.

Cabfind’s duty of care campaign highlighted the potential risks involved; positioning taxi travel as an essential (missing) piece in the managed travel chain and encouraging Travel Management Companies to include ground transport in their offer.

500 hundred travellers, thousands of journey

We commissioned a survey of over 500 business travellers, to find out about their business travel taxi usage, experiences and exposure to risk.

Using the survey data and insights, we create an industry report , ‘Duty of Care – exploring the risk of an exposed taxi-travel policy’

The report was covered in trade press, promoted through Cabfind’s direct email and web channels, and across social media through a series of info-graphics of key report findings.

Placing taxi travel and duty of care centre stage

The duty of care report and campaign provided the theme for Cabfind’s exhibition stand, and live seminars at the business travel show.

Making the commercial case

A series of case studies were produced in tandem with the repost, demonstrating the commercial benefits of managed ground transport services.

Putting Cabfind in the driving seat

As well as delivering a significant increase in inbound sales leads, the campaign positioned Cabfind as the driving force behind duty-of-care provision in business taxi travel, leading to additional media and PR opportunities.

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