Creating a force for good

Global brand positioning for is a new global social media hub that connects people, brands and charities working together for causes they care about. Through online tools, Kindly enables people to see the end results of their charitable endeavours, and see the good work carried out by companies and non-profit organisations – from local community projects to international causes.

Brand strategy

We worked with Kindly to help them define their brand and find their voice – a voice that needed to connect with a variety of audiences.

A series of workshops identified Kindly’s sweet spot and found a creative common ground between the three audiences.

Research and sector analysis established a brand volume that would give Kindly a standout, credible voice without overpowering the causes, brands and individual stories that it champions.


Presenting the new brand around the line ‘Altogether Good’ has helped position Kindly as a neutral enabler, talking about good causes in a fresh, dynamic tone that sets them apart from traditional charities/fundraising organisations.

We’re continuing to work with Kindly as the network builds momentum, becoming a new social force for good.

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