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National Radio Campaign for British Red Cross

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British Red cross supply wheelchairs to people throughout the UK who may not be eligible for NHS mobility assistance.

The service depends on volunteers. Row-A were approached to help British Red Cross with their wheelchair services volunteer recruitment campaign.

Reconnecting with the heart of the community

Research revealed that many people regard British Red Cross as an exclusive national (and international) charity. So when people were looking to support a local cause, BRC was rarely considered.

With this in mind we decided the mobility campaign required grassroots, local media exposure – rather than a generic national platform.

Advertising on smaller, local radio stations enabled us to target specific areas (where volunteers were needed most) and connect with the target audience on a more personal level, via a trusted medium.

Giving British Red Cross a local voice

With perceptions of BRC as a national charity, it was important that listeners understood volunteers were needed for the local area, to help local people.

A generic, classic ‘charity ad’ voiceover would sound disingenuous and fail to make a local connection. So British Red Cross supported our recommendation to cast specific actors (and accents) for each region.

Resounding results

Our British Red Cross radio campaign delivered significant results.

During the month long transmission, overall page views to the mobility recruitment website increased 50% – with organic traffic increasing by 145%.

Just what we like to hear, a radio campaign making a real difference.

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