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Repositioning GTMC, the UK’s business travel governing body

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The GTMC (formally The Guild of Travel Management Companies) is the representative body for UK’s £multi-billion business travel sector.

Over a six-month consultation period, Row-A worked with the GTMC to rebrand and reposition; to reflect the modern organisation’s vital contribution towards the UK economy, government policy and the wellbeing of business travellers.

Rename and reposition

Research revealed that many still regarded and referred to the GTMC as, The Guild of Travel Management Companies.

‘Guild’ with its traditional, old-boy-network connotations no longer represented the dynamic, diverse make-up of the group.

‘Travel Management’ failed to communicate the organisation’s broad remit and influence: representing the wider UK business travel sector and interest groups, from transport and accommodation suppliers, to business travellers themselves.


Following focus group research and consultation with industry stakeholders, media, and parliamentary lobbyists GTMC renamed as the Business Travel Association.

A new positioning statement firmly placed the organisation as the representative body for the entire sector.

The authority on business travel. Working with government and industry, delivering practical solutions to challenges and market changes. Supporting best practice, sustainability and the wellbeing of travellers.


Four cornerstones were created to communicate to members (old and new) the organisation’s key drivers.

Design for new directions

A new logo/lock-up incorporated a compass arrow; a device used throughout all comms and presentations.

A bespoke illustration suite enabled the BTA to rapidly communicate their value and the business travel sector’s contribution to the economy.


A new website, with dedicated members’ area, and content hub became a dynamic resource for the business travel community.


The new brand was revealed at the overseas’ conference in the Netherlands to members, industry leaders and media – with the new website switching live to coincide with the reveal.

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